It’s an all New Pixl-Pulp Year

This post is officially the first announcement of the New Year. It hasn’t been all that a great start, though. I’ve been sick since before the New Year with something I can’t shake. (Tested COVID negative) but now, my wife tested positive for COVID, and my son’s been schooling at home again. This situation taxes a lot of my time, so it’s left me tired, behind on work, and a bit absent.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to digging into the next phase of both our collections (Pixl-Pops and Pulp Friction) and bringing in 2022 with a big push to grow your pixls and art collections in positive ways!

Each token in your collection will garner you one shiny, Golden Pixl-Cube!

The Golden-Childs

To kick things off, I’ll be distributing the first round of Golden Pixl-Cubes. on January 15th. The first batch of 25 will go out to Fellowship members holding, The Ring Token. Afterwhich, they will go out to all the token holders in this order:

  1. Pixl-Master Token Holders
  2. Onyx Pixl-Cube Token Holders
  3. Survivor Token Holders

The Golden Pixl-Cubes is the new reward token for collectors actively collecting, completing sets, and supporting the project. These Cubes will be tradeable with other collectors and usable as currency to purchase special drops, packs, unique NFts, real-world items, and more!

I’m hoping this move will increase the value of all current POPs in your collection and the Marketplace.

Collaboration Pieces Incoming! This is one of many.| Illustration: Luis Aguirre


For my PulpFriction collectors, I’ll be creating a new keyed drop system to try and get the pieces to those actively collecting and supporting the project. There will also be reward tokens sprinkled throughout the year that will be tradeable for real-life prints, stickers, postcards, and more. I’m still working out the kinks on this and hope to have things up and running by mid-February. There is also a big collaboration in the works that should bring more eyes and value to the collection overall. I’ll announce that one when I can, it’s a goodie!

In the end…

On a personal note, I do this because I have an addiction to drawing, pop culture, and creating. It’s great seeing that these creations are well received and finding a home in your collections. In the end, my goal is to explore ways to make collecting worth your time and your investment. I’ll keep trying to push the envelope to the best of my ability because I appreciate all of you making this small community of like-minded collectors one of the best on WAX. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and appreciate you more than you know. Now let’s have a great 2022!

See the complete Pixl-Pop collection:

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Monster Cadet: Artist and NFT creator. @monstercadet (Twitter + Instagram) PixlPopHeros and PulpFriction collections on the AtomicHub.

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Monster Cadet

Monster Cadet

Monster Cadet: Artist and NFT creator. @monstercadet (Twitter + Instagram) PixlPopHeros and PulpFriction collections on the AtomicHub.

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